I had small leak in my filter pump. Suspecting it was bearings, I thought about doing it myself. I called Freedom Pool Service and they came out quickly and fixed the problem. Very reasonable price and they did quality job. I would not hesitate to contact them again.

Freedom Pools has done a great job for us. They installed an iAquaLink system several years ago and it has been trouble free. Great to be able to control all the pool functions from my phone. They also do a yearly filter cleaning for us.

I find Freedom Pool Service outstanding--prompt service, detailed info when I call in asking questions, rates are great and service outstanding. Would recommend them 100% five star. Myrna Brookman

Some of the best service I've ever had.

I am Superintendent Of Royal Pools and a personal friend of Drew which is the owner of Freedom Pools.They take care of are warranty work on our pool equipment and are very happy with there scheduling and work ..We highly recommend them

Alan is a wonderful repair person. We had a confusing issue and he thoughtfully solved it. He also installed a special valve and the solar system raised put water temperature over 12 degrees in the summer. Highly recommend!

good service

I really just emailed with a question they could have made some money on and instead they sent me some free advice. Great customer service.

Freedom Pool guys provided excellent service. Provided valuable comments to help resolving pool issues over email.

5 Stars...Very Knowledgable, Excellent Service...Kept me updated on any appointment changes or part delays thru email, which any busy professional will appreciate.